Staff Training Centre for SBI, Guwahati
Chinmoyee Complex, Guwahati
Multi-Storied Market –cum Office Complex for G.M.C. at Fancy Bazar , Guwahati

T.N. TOWER” Multi-Storied Electrical Market at Paltan Bazar , Guwahati.

“ BASANTA ENCLAVE ”Commercial Complex at Dr.B.Baruah Road , Ulubari, Guwahati.

“ CENER POINT ”Multi-Storied Commercial Complex at Ulubari, Guwahati.

DWARIKA ENCLAVE ”Residential Complex (Unit – II) at Soni Ram Boro Path, Ulubari, Guwahati.

“ DWARIKA ENCLAVE ”Residential Complex (Unit – I)at Soni Ram Boro Path, Ulubari, Guwahati.

“ MONAL TOWER ” Multi-Storied Commercial Complex at G.S. Road , opp. Assam Sachivalaya, Dispur ., Guwahati.
“ SILVER HEIGHTS ”Multi-Storied Residential Complex at Survey ,
Basisthapur Road , Bye Lane-3, Guwahati

“ ASSAM TEA WAREHOUSE” Building at Beltola, Guwahati

Multi-Storied Hostel Building for IIE at Guwahati


Work executed by K. K. Builders & Engineers (P) Ltd. ( List of completed Works )
Name of Work No.
Agreement No:
Value of work done
Actual Date/Year of completion
E/W and Minor Br. With N.F. RAILWAY
all ancillary works for gauge
conversion in Amguri-Bhojo
section CE/CON/L-D/28 dt.
N.F. RAILWAY 252.00 Lakhs 31/3/1997
2 Widding the Rly.Bank and
Const. of Minor Bridges with
all ancillary works required
for Gauge conversion between
Simluguri to Moranhat.
CON/LD/81 dt.22/12/95
N.F. RAILWAY 171.00 Lakhs 30/5/1998
3 E/W in filling with Contractor’s own & mechanical
compaction of Minor Br. Etc.
CH> 61.850 to 68.000 KM
CON/JPZ/72 dtd.13.12.1991
N.F. RAILWAY 211.00 Lakhs


4 E/Work & Minor Bridges & other ancillary works in section
XIII, field Ch.52000 to 61850
in Amjonga-Rangjuli & Dhup-
CON/JPZ/159/ Dt 11.9.98
N.F. RAILWAY 245.00 Lakhs OCTOBER 1999
5 E/work and Minor bridges
No.288,289 291, and 293
Ch: 135050 to 137650 from
Guwahati to Jogighopa.
CON /JPZ/92 dt.16.1.96
N.F. RAILWAY 337.00 Lakhs MARCH ’2001
6 Construction of Approach
Road connection NH-37 &
Bogibeel Bridge & GCD/
PWD Road CH.11.200 Km
to 17.00 Km CON/Bogibeel/08
N.F. RAILWAY 343.00 Lakhs


7 Construction of E/work in
widening/raising of MG
Railway embankment of level
crossing etc. from
Gaubari-Chautara-Pratap Khata

N.F. RAILWAY 440.00 Lakhs 31/03/2005
8 C/o. Staff training center
for state Bank of India
Rukminigaon, Khanapara
State Bank of India 230.00 Lakhs 30/07/05
9 C/o. Multi-storied building,
project Name:-
C/o. “Chinmoyee Complex”
Real Estate
600.00 Lakhs 2005
10 Construction of Station
Bldg cum signaling rooms,
Type - I ( 3 Nos.Qrs ),
Type - II ( 2 Nos. Qrs),
Passenger platform etc.
Kumarghat to Agartala
Section-CA No.CON/K-A/718
Dt. 10.03.03.
N.F. RAILWAY 168.00 Lakhs 2006


Sl. No.

Name of Work

Name of Clients


Estimated Value



At New Dibrugarh Station C/o. Main and one Island Platform i/c Platform Shelters etc. and other ancillary works.
CON/BB/DBRT/56Dt. 22.07.04

N.F. Railway




Gauge conversion work between stations Hailakandi to Katlichera in Katakhal –Bhairabi Section.
CA No.-CON/K-B/961 Dt.29.03.6

N.F. Railway



Work executed by K. K. Builders & Engineers (P) Ltd.
Name of Work No.
Agreement No:
Estimated Cost (Rs)
Tendered Amount (Rs)
Total value of work done (Rs)
Date of start
Date of completion as per Agmt.
Actual Date/Year of completion
1 Earth work in widening/raising of MG Railway embankment of level crossing etc. Guabari-Chautara-Pratap Khata-Fakiragram-Kokrajhar CON/NJP-NBQ/472 DT. 11.12.2000 4,00,06,486.36 3,50,00,000/-   March 2002 August 2002 In progress
2 C/o Approach Road connecting NH-37 & Bogibeel Bridge & PWD Road Ch: 11.200 Km to 17.00 Km CON/BOGIBEEL/08 3,14,74,239/- 2,50,00,000   Oct 2002 30/9/03 In progress
3 C/o Staff Training Centre for State Bank of India at Rukminigaon, Khanapara, Guwahati W-27/2001-02/17 Dt. 7/12/01 2,51,55,760/- 1,50,00,000/-   Dec 2001 Dec 2003 In progress
4 C/o Station Bldg. cum signaling rooms Ty-I 3(three) Ty- II Qtrs. 2 (two) Nos. R.L. Passenger Platform from Kumarghat to Agartala.
CON/K-A/7/8 Dt. 10-3-2003.
4,61,04,496/- 1,20,00,000/-   19th March 2003 15/7/03 In progress
5 C/o Staff Quarters Block, Ty-I, (SS), 1 (One) block Ty-II (SS) 1(One) block Ty-III at Azara. CON/JPZ/194 Dt. 28.03.2001 44,48,930/- 51,57,805/- 49,08,145/- 7th February 2001 30th July 2001 30th June 2002
6 C/o Minor bridges No. 288, 289, 291,293
Ch : 135050 to 137650 from Guwahati to Jogighopa
Con/JPZ/92 Dt. 16.01.96
1,86,89,850/- 37412281.30 33703319.51 20th Jan 1997 March 2001 March 2001
7 C/o Chinmoyee Complex, Tokobari, A.T. Road, Guwahati     350 lakhs     Ph-I & II completed, Ph-III is in progress.
Description of work
Value of work
For whom carried/being carried out
Date of commencement
Date of completion
Reason for details if any
Actual Date/Year of completion
8 Between 394 km (including Amguri's Station Yard) to 457 km (includin Bhojo Station Yard) earth work in widening making the wall/parapet wall, wing wall and return walls of minor bridges including mechanical compactation of earth in formation & other ancillary work for convertion of LMG-DBRT Metre Gauge section of N.F. Railway into Broad Gauge (Group No. 4). Rs. 180 lakhs General Manager, N.F.Railway, Maligaon 7th August 1994 Completed  
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